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Educator Event Hub are our latest innovative system solutions which provide everything you need for your academic and industry virtual programmes. EducatorHub and EventHub allow you to transform traditional physical programmes (conferences, conventions, competitions, exhibitions, classes, courses, trainings etc) into virtual mode where presentations, halls, rooms, booths and spaces are turned into configurable virtual environment. Virtual room has become the “norm” to organise live programmes in the digitalised world. Connect to the programme anytime, anywhere and even in the comfort of your own home with our state of the art platforms. These platforms empower all participants from all over the world to make meaningful connections.

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Benefits of Our Product

  • One Stop / The Ultimate Solution for Virtual and Online Programme Platform
  • Cloud based
  • Worry free
  • Automate event data collection
  • Cuztomizable look & feel
  • Extended duration/period for event (playback function)
  • User friendly
  • Savings


To know more about our products, please refer below.

Conference & Convention

Facilitates organizers to manage conferences, conventions, symposiums, seminars and similar activities which consist of keynote speech, paper presentations and project demonstrations.

Competition & Exhibition

Facilitates organizers to manage competitions, exhibitions, expos, carnivals and similar activities which consist of product presentations, judging sessions, public access, award giving ceremonies and industry talks.

Learning & Training

Facilitates training providers and educational organizations to manage and deliver the learning programmes.

Appointment & Meeting

Facilitates organizations to manage appointments, meetings and discussions.

Virtual Room

The heart of EducatorHub and EventHub. The virtual room mimics a physical room but with more features such as video conference integration, material uploads, HTML based presentations, and others!

School / Campus Management System

Facilitates schools, campuses to manage student data with the assistance of Learning Management System (LMS).

Our Platforms


Please refer to our pricing structure as below.


RM10,000 / event

  • Platform
  • User Guide
  • Training
  • Event Support
  • Graphic & Design


RM20,000 / event

  • Platform
  • User Guide
  • Training
  • Event Support
  • Graphic & Design

Customized Event?

We are able to provide you with a customized event package to suit your needs! Just click on the button below to get in touch with our consultants to provide a solution and quotation that is tailor-made just for you.

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